“Ci sono betulle che di notte levano le loro radici, e tu non crederesti mai che di notte gli alberi camminano o diventano sogni” (A. Merini)


Friendship and passion are the ingredients that have brought Danila and Omar’s Bosco degli Eventi to life.

After being Friends for over a decade, Danila and Omar have decided to give space to their creativity and to imagine something that didn’t exist before. Their backgrounds are so different, yet so similar as they share the same mission: amaze and be amazed.


We are passionate about beautiful things that are done with elegance, attention to detail, enthusiasm and harmony.


The Wood is a magical and mesmerising place we have fallen in love with: it’s the place where you get inspired and therefore perfect for Il Bosco degli Eventi’s headquarters, so that guests can feel welcome while planning their special occasion.


Our headquarters in Brianza’s heart, near Lake Como, and our newborn British branch in the trendy area of London, allow us to produce your event in every part of Italy and beyond.

What we do