A Friendship, a heart filled with Passion and an enchanted Wood

those are the secret ingredients that brought “Il Bosco degli Eventi” to life.

After being Friends for over a decade, Danila and Omar have decided to embark on a new and incredible journey, so that together they could create something new, inspiring and wonderful. Their backgrounds are so different, yet so similar as they share the same values and mission: amaze and be amazed.


They are Passionate about beautiful things that are done with elegance, attention to detail, enthusiasm and harmony. Their touch can be seen from the smallest of things, in everything they create, organize or host.


The Wood is a magical and mesmerizing place, where to be inspired and therefore perfect for Il Bosco degli Eventi’s headquarters, so that guests can feel welcome while planning their special occasion.


Whether it’s a long-awaited wedding in the gorgeous Lake Como surroundings, or an intimate ceremony in a charming location, a fun themed party or a major company event, Il Bosco degli Eventi is at your disposal to channel your wishes and make your occasion exclusive, unique and unforgettable.

Danila e Omar

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